Diversity Syllabus

The SSCP Diversity Committee has created a Diversity Syllabus (click this link for the overall list), a repository of books and peer-reviewed scholarly articles (click this link to folders with articles), that we hope will serve as a starting point for all involved in advancing psychological science, including researchers, clinicians, teachers, and students, to reference. Our goal in implementing this project is to advance the understanding of how the various identities of those we serve, as well as our own, play a substantial role in our day-to-day work.

We recognize that diversity is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous aspects of people’s identities and lives. While we created the Diversity Syllabus with the intent of including a broad overview of various aspects of diversity, our syllabus is not an exhaustive list of the various aspects of diversity or cultures represented in psychological science. However, we created the Diversity Syllabus as a living repository, where additions of essential works will be added. If you would like to suggest a scholarly article or book to be added to this syllabus, please email us at SSCPdiversitycommittee@gmail.com. We welcome suggestions for works that are in line with the goals of the Diversity Syllabus.

We hope that you find the Diversity Syllabus to be an informative starting point for increasing your awareness, knowledge, and skills in integrating diversity within psychological science.


The SSCP Diversity Committee


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SSCP Diversity Committee

The SSCP Diversity Committee was established in 2014 to promote a more diverse clinical science.